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Elevate Your Meditation Practice with Our Done-For-You Guided Meditation Tracks Bundle

  • Access a treasury of up to 500+ professionally crafted guided meditations recordings.
  • Diversify your content with a broad range of meditation styles and topics.
  • Elevate your clients' experiences, helping them achieve mindfulness, stress reduction, and inner peace.
  • ​​Deliver a superior meditation experience with pristine, high-quality audio.
  • Engage your clients on a deeper level, enhancing their journey.

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Ready To Take Your Meditation Practice To The Next Level?

Are you a yoga instructor, life coach, Therapists , Counselors, meditation mentor, or Educators seeking to elevate your meditation practice and bring peace to the world?

Look no further! Our Done-for-You Guided Meditation Recording Bundle is here to transform your meditation practice into a calming oasis that resonates with your audience.

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Of Some Of Those Recordings

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Who Can Benefit From Those Done-For-You Recordings

  • Meditation Enthusiasts: If you're a meditation practitioner looking to deepen your practice, our bundle offers an array of guided sessions to enhance your mindfulness journey.
  • Yoga Studios: Yoga studios can add our guided meditations to their classes, creating a holistic experience for their students that goes beyond physical postures.
  • Health and Wellness Coaches: Wellness coaches can integrate these recordings into their programs, offering their clients a powerful tool for stress reduction, self-care, and overall well-being.
  • ​Therapists and Counselors: Mental health professionals can use our recordings as a therapeutic resource for clients dealing with anxiety, depression, trauma, or other emotional challenges.
  • ​Corporate Wellness Programs: Companies looking to promote employee well-being can incorporate our meditations into their wellness initiatives, fostering a healthier and more productive workplace.
  • Life Coaches: Life coaches can use our meditations as a tool to guide their clients toward personal growth, clarity, and positive change.
  • Spiritual Leaders: Spiritual leaders and organizations can incorporate these recordings into their services, deepening the spiritual journey of their followers.

What can you do with these Done-For-You Guided Meditation Tracks?

As A Purchaser Of Our Guided Meditation Recording Bundle, You Have The Following Rights:

  • Personal Practice: You are granted full rights to use these guided meditations for your own personal meditation practice. Enjoy the peace and serenity they bring to your life.
  • Meditation Sessions: Use these recordings to lead meditation sessions in yoga studios, wellness centers, or other settings dedicated to holistic well-being. Create an immersive experience for your participants.
  • ​Yoga Sessions: Enhance your yoga classes with these guided meditations. Integrate them seamlessly into your sessions to deepen the mind-body connection for your students.
  • Therapeutic Use: Mental health professionals can integrate these meditations into therapy sessions as a valuable tool for clients dealing with anxiety, depression, and other emotional challenges.
  • ​Community Building: Use these meditations to foster a sense of community and well-being in online forums, social groups, or communities focused on mindfulness and personal development.

However, it's essential to note that you do not have the right to:

  • Resell: You are strictly prohibited from reselling these guided meditations individually or as a bundle.
  • Distribute for Free: You may not give away these guided meditations for free. They should not be shared without appropriate value or consideration.
  • Resell Resell Rights: You are not allowed to resell the rights to resell these guided meditations to others. These rights are exclusive to you as the original purchaser.

Here Is The List Of Some Of The Topic In Our Collection

Deep Sleep - Soothing Train Ride - 25 Min
Pain – Your Safe Place - 14 Min
Pain - Become an Observer - 11 Min
Pain - Tackle the Fear 11
Breathing and Body Scan 16.5 Min
Quit Smoking and Hit the Gym 34 Min
Healthy Weight Loss – 18 Min
Social Media is an Illusion- 13 Min
Meet your Future Self - For Adults - 10 Min
Meet Future Self - For Teens - 10 Min
Meditation for Beginners - 10 min
Cultivating Intuition - For Adults - 10 Min
Cultivating Intuition - For Teens - 10 Min
Loving Kindness - For Adults - 10 Min
Loving Kindness - For Teens - 10 Min
Easing into Mindfulness - 10 Min
Mental Health - For Adults - 10 Min
Mental Health - For Teens - 10 Min
Build Confidence - 14 Min
Exercise Meditation - 14 Min
Eliminate Anxiety - 15 Min
Ease Depression - 15 Min
Fly with Ease (Eliminate Fear of Flying) - 13 Min
Body Scan with Beach Sounds - 12 Min
Deep Deep Sleep – 30 Min
Ease Loneliness, Connect to Higher Consciousness - 12 Min
Elevate your Frequency to LOVE - 15 Min
Body Mindfulness - Here and Now - 10 Min
Healing Chronic Pain- 16 Min
7 Chakras Meditation - 9 Min
Get Grounded - 10 Min
Full Body Awareness - 10 Min
Creative Types Meditation 10 min
Health Wealth Love and Success Affirmations + Delta 3Hz + 639Hz Love Solfeggio 2 hours
Affirmations for Anxiety Relief 1 hour
Beach Vacation Meditation - 17 Min
You Matter 6 min
You Are Special 6 min
Align with Abundance 6 min
Embrace Fear 6 min
The Life You Want - 7 min
Money Magnet Affirmations
Release Anxiety Hypnosis
Healing loneliness with Self-Love - 13 Min
Resilience and Inner Strength
Get Relaxed in 5 min
Financial Freedom and Abundance - 20 Min
Morning Relaxation
Financial Wealth Abundance
Hypnosis for Weight Loss
Hypnosis for Weight Loss
Hypnosis for Weight Loss
Hypnosis for Weight Loss
Hypnosis for Weight Loss
An Understanding Heart - 6 min
Anxiety Relief 1. Heart Center
Anxiety Relief 2. It Comes and Goes
Anxiety Relief 3. Move Through Life with Joy
Anxiety Relief 4. Floating Away
Anxiety Relief 5. Peaceful Forest
Ease Social Anxiety - 14 Min
Powerfully Starting the Day - 11 min
Patience when Faced with Social Anxiety - 16 Min
Mindfulness for Anytime - 10 Min
You are a Non-Smoker Session 1 -10 min
You are a Non-Smoker Session 2 -10 min
Loving Kindness - 10 Min
You are a Non-Smoker Session 3 -10 min
You are a Non-Smoker Session 4 -10 min
You are a Non-Smoker Session 5 -10 min
Calm the Nervous System - 13 min
Power of Love 2 minute meditation
Powerful 5 minute Meditation
Full Moon Meditation - 12 Min
Embrace Gratitude - 9 Min
Sleepy Cabin Visualization - 22 min
Mindful Awareness - 8 Min
Spiritual Crown Chakra Connection 963Hz - 10 min
Crush your Midnight Snacking Craving- Healthy Weight - 10 min
Seize the Day Morning Meditation - 10 min
How To Meditate - 5 min
Gratitude Through Illness 15 min
Morning Meditation for Positive Energy - 5 min
Meditation for Attracting Positivity - 5 min
Morning Meditation to Start Your Day Perfectly - 5 min
Morning Meditation for Productivity - 5 min
Meditation for Positive Energy - 5 min
Relaxing 5-minute Meditation to Relieve Stress and Anxiety 5 min
Powerful Abundance Meditation to Manifest Wealth and Prosperity 20 min
Healing and Positive Energy 20 min
Start Your Day Right Positive Morning Meditation 10 min
Break All Negative Thoughts
Get Rid of Anxiety, Stress and Overthinking
Astral Projection Practice - 40 Min
Work Related Stress Relief - 5 Min
Mindfulness While at Work - 5 Min
Meditation for Your Commute - 5 Min
Raising Your Vibration 10 min
Quantum Jumping 10 min
Manifest Money 10 min
Astral Travel in No Time 15 min
Step by Step Meditation for Complete Beginners 10 min
Morning Mental Boost to Kickstart the Day 10 min
The Perfect Way to Reset Your Mind Every Morning 10 min
Centering Meditation 10 min
The Perfect Mindfulness Meditation 10 min
Relieve Stress and Activate Intuition - 21 min
Letting Go & Relax 10 min
Morning Mindfulness 10 min
Manifesting & Attracting Love 10 min
A Calming Daily Meditation Practice 10 min
Becoming Your Best Self 10 min
Cultivate Intuition - 5 min
Meet Your Spirit Guide +852Hz
Practice Forgivness
For Deep Anxiety Stress and Depression 10 min
​​​The Art Of Gratitude
Good Morning Gratitude 10 min
How to Calm Your Mind Quickly 10 min
POWERFUL Affirmations for Health, Happiness and Wealth

Raise Your Vibration Now 10 min MP3
Calm the Mind, Sharpen the Brain and Transform Your Life 10 min
Mindfulness to Calm and Relax 10 min MP3
Becoming Your Best Self 10 min MP3
Morning Mindfulness Meditation for Peace 10 min MP3
Meditation for Personal Development 10 min MP3
Meditation for Mental Clarity10 min MP3
Dopamine Detox10 min MP3
Motivational Meditation 10 min MP3
Anxiety Eraser 10 min MP3
Each Day is a New Beginning 10 min MP3
A Gentle Self Love 10 min MP3
Inner Love
Healing White Light
Let it All Go
Find Inner Peace 10 min
Stillness Brings Peace of Mind 10 min
Be Open to Receive Abundance 10 min
Morning Manifesting 10 min
Doubling Your Wealth 10 min
Powerful Energy Cleansing 10 min
High Frequency Positivity 10 min
Step into the New You -20 Min
Experience Emotions - Joy - 5 min
Experience Emotions - Sadness - 5 min
Experience Emotions - Fear - 5 min
Experience Emotions - Disgust - 5 min
Experience Emotions - Anger - 5 min
Get to Sleep in Five Minutes - 5 Min
Lucid Dreaming Experience - 13 Min
Unfazed by the Storm of Anxiety - 20 Min
Break Free with Intuition - 19 Min
Eliminate Unhealthy Eating Habits – 16 Min
Fresh Morning Meditation - 20 Min
Experience Confidence - 20 Min
Meditation for Cancer
Emotional Balance Meditation - 20 Min
Meditation for Empowerment - 20 Min
Meditation for Frustration - 20 Min
Sense of Gratitude 20 Min
Deep Sleep - 20 Min
Third Eye Chakra - 20 Min
Meditation for Anxiety -21 Min
Meditation for Happiness - 20 Min
Focus Sail the Wind
Focus like a Laser
Relax to Focus Session + Affirmations for Focus
Meditation for Inner Peace - 20 Min
Meditation for Studying -20 Min
Meditation for Motivation -20 Min
Meditation for a Broken Heart - 20 Min
Breathing Beautifully - 20 Min
Mountain Cabin Visualization - 20 Min
Meditation for Healing - 20 Min
Meditation for Insecurity - 20 Min
Meditation for Inspiration - 20 Min
Blessed Mama
Morning Meditation - 10 Min
Valued Financial Abundance - 10 Min
Better Health - 10 Min
Fitness Meditation - 10 Min
Nurture Romantic Relationships
Reconnect with your Spiritual Self - 10 Min
Bedtime - 10 Min
7th Chakra
6th Chakra
5th Chakra
4th Chakra
3rd Chakra
2nd Chakra
1st Chakra
Relaxing Sleep - 10 Min
Just let it go and be Grateful - 10 Min
Depression Cure - 20 Min
The Importance of Focus - 20 MIn
​Become a Non-Smoker - 20 Min
​Daily Calming Meditation 10 min
Today is a GREAT Day 20 min
Feel Awesome Boosted Meditation 20 min
Powerful Affirmations for Success, Income and Health
Healing Broken Relationship Hurt and Anger 10 min
Stress Relief for Big Life Changes 10 min
Focus on a Future of Strength 10 min
Deep Breathing 15 min
Progressive Muscle Relaxation 15 min
Simple Mindfulness 15 min
Nature Trail Walk Visualization 15 min
Breastfeeding Affirmations 20 min
Goal Setting Technique - 5 Min
Be in the Present Moment - 8 Min
Appreciate your Reflection - 8 Min
Ultimate Forgiveness - 8 Min
Shed Your Past + Theta 6Hz - 28 Min
Self Love and Confidence 10 min
Positive Thinking Stress Relief 10 min
Unblocking Chakras 10 min
Empowering Affirmations for Women 10 min
Quit Catastrophizing 10 min
Millionaire Affirmations 10 min
Release Trapped Emotions During Sleep 10 min
Astral Project in 10 min
Meet Your Spirit Guides 10 min
Bedtime Meditation 10 min
Stop Letting Others Control You and Don't Expect from Others 10 min
Find Inner Peace 10 min
Best Morning Meditation for You 10 min
Relaxing Body Scan Yourself to Sleep - 20 Min

Accept Love, Give Love, Be Kind to Yourself and Others 10 min
Mindfulness for 5 minutes
The Confidence that Lies Within You - 20 Min
Connecting to Self-Love - 20 min
Positive Thinking Affirmations + Music Alpha - 10 min
Mindfulness Meditation for Anxiety 5 min
Energizing Morning Meditation 5 min
Get Sleepy Meditation 5 min
Morning Meditation for Positive Energy, Gratitude & Abundance 10 min
Meditation for Peace of Mind 10 min
How to Start Your Day Meditation for Beginners 10 min
Become the Best Version of You 10 min
May You Find Happiness Today 10 min
Walking Meditation Focusing on Gratitude 10 min
Sleepy Ocean Visualization -20 Min
How to Meditate Each Morning to Live a Beautiful Life 10 min
Forgiveness List 10 min
Attract Good Karma 10 min
Total Thankfulness - Deep Gratitude 10 min

Chakra Meditation for Positive Energy and Balance 11 min
Chakra Meditation for Balance and Healing 10 min
Morning Guided Meditation for Positive Energy 10 min
Guided Meditation for Anxiety 10 min
10 Minute Guided Meditation that you can listen to every day
Guided Meditation Anyone Can Do. Anytime. Anywhere. - 10 min
Handling Trauma and PTSD through Feeling - 12 min
Affirmations for Health, Wealth, Love & Happiness - 10 min
Manifesting the Life You Deserve - 10 min
Cultivate Beautiful Self Love - 10 min
Sustain Focus and Increase Motivation 10 min
Incredible Aura Cleansing - 10 min
Enhance Creativity and Boost Inspiration - 10 min
Grounded to Earth Temple - 10 min
Loving Your Body Affirmations - 10 min
Inner Child Healing Trauma - 10 min
Clearing the Mind - 10 min
Today Will Be the Best Day Ever 10 min
Thankful Meditation for Gratitude 10 min
Attract Money Prosperity & Abundance 10 min
Mindful Walking Meditation 10 min
Boost Self-Esteem Confidence & Happiness 10 min
Overcome Addiction 10 min
Clear Away Body Pain Meditation 10 min
Sustain Focus and Increase Motivation 10 min
Meditation for the Workplace or Office 10 min
Pregnancy Meditation 2nd Trimester - Embracing Body Changes - 20 min
Pregnancy Meditation - Being Present - 9 min
Pregnancy Meditation - Connection with Baby - 8 min
Pregnancy Meditation - Gratitude - 9 min
Pregnancy Meditation - Uncertain Moments - 10 min
Pregnancy Meditation - Happy Baby - 7 min
Manifestation Techniques Meditation 12 min
A Meditation for Beginners 9 min
Rise Out of Depression 10 min
30 Affirmations for Weight Loss 3 min
30 Affirmations for Abundance 3 min
Positive Affirmations for Deep Gratitude + Theta + 528Hz
The Blessing of Pregnancy with Affirmations 10 min
A Meditation for Mothers 10 min
Good Morning! Positive Energy Meditation 10 min
No-Stress No-Anxiety Morning Meditation 10 min
A Beautiful Body Scan 10 min
Heartful Meditation for Peace of Mind 10 min
Mindful Meditation for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder 10 min
Guided Relaxation in the Clouds and a Field of Flowers 10 min
Money is No Guarantee for Happiness 10 min
A Meditation Called Life is Beautiful 10 min
Powerful Third Eye Creative Activation 10 min
Powerfully Reprogramming your Subconscious Mind 10 min
I Accept Who I Am 10 min
WAKE UP Morning Meditation 10 min
Joyful Joyful Meditation 10 min NEW
Natural and Healthy Weight Loss 10 min
Powerful Day Ahead Affirmations 10 min
Cloud 9 Meditation to Feel Wonderful 10 min
Clearing Fears Held in the Body Scan 9 min
Body Confidence and Healthy Weight Affirmations 10 min
Everything will be Ok 10 min
Merge with your Higer Self - The Castle 10 min
The Healing Seed- Relieve Anxiety and Stress 20 min
Meditation while Laying Down 10 min
Chakra Balancing for Positivity 10 min
Accepting Yourself SELF-LOVE 10 min
Beat Insomnia Meditation and Techniques 10 min
Wealthy Mindset Subconscious Deposit 20 min
Evening Meditation 10 min
Weight Loss for Women 10 min
Sleepy River Visualization - 20 Min
Mindfully Take a Shower - 5 Min
Mindfully Putting on Makeup - 5 Min
Mindfully Cleaning Your Home - 5 Min
Align Your Energy and Stop Energetic Leaks 10 min
Positive Energy to Start Every Day Perfectly 10 min
Morning Routine for Billionaires 10 min
I Am Wealthy 10 min
Attract Anything You Want 10 min
Letting Go to Become Accepting 10 min
Love Meditation for Attracting a Relationship 10 min
Castle Visualization Meditation 10 min
Morning Rituals for a Positive Day 10 min
Wake Up Feeling Present and Clear Minded 10 min
Mindfully Folding Laundry - 5 Min
Yoga Nidra 10 min
Calm Everyday 10 min
Morning Miracle 10 min
Transform Your Life 10 min
The Most Incredible Day Ahead 10 min
High Frequency Positive Vibes to Start Your Day 10 min
Deep Relaxation 10 min
Inner Stillness 10 min
Evening Affirmations 10 min
Morning Bliss 10 min
End Your Day Perfectly 10 min
6-Phase Morning Meditation - wake up, reflection, gratitude, centering, the day ahead, positivity 10 min
6-Phase Positive Meditation- calm, let go of negativity, gratitude, focus, connect with higher self, accept positivity 10 min
Heal - Breathe, Acknowledge, Accept, Free Yourself 10 min
Flow with Positivity 10 min
Wake Up Feeling Happy 10 min
Evening Reflection 10 min
Morning Motivation 10 min


What Our Buyers Are Saying!

Linda M. - Yoga Instructor


The Guided Meditation Recording Bundle has breathed new life into my yoga classes. My students absolutely love the variety of meditations, and it has helped them connect with their inner selves on a deeper level. It's a game-changer!"


John D. - Life Coach


"As a life coach, I'm always looking for tools to help my clients navigate life's challenges. This bundle has become an invaluable resource in my practice. It's like having a treasure chest of wisdom and tranquility."

Sarah K. - Meditation Mentor


"I've been a meditation mentor for years, and I've never seen a collection this comprehensive. These recordings have transformed my mentorship program. Thank you for making my work more impactful!"

Michael S. - Educator


"I introduced guided meditations in my classroom, and the response from my students has been astounding. They're more focused, less stressed, and happier overall. These recordings have become an essential part of my teaching."

Karen R. - Therapist


"Incorporating guided meditations into my therapy sessions has been a game-changer. It helps my clients relax and open up more, making our work together even more effective. I can't recommend this bundle enough."


Rachel L. - Holistic Healer:


As a holistic healer, I'm always seeking tools to enhance the well-being of my clients. The Guided Meditation Recording Bundle has been an absolute game-changer in my practice. These recordings create a serene and transformative atmosphere that complements my healing sessions perfectly. Clients leave feeling lighter, more centered, and rejuvenated. This bundle has become an indispensable part of my holistic healing toolkit.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is included in the Guided Meditation Recording Bundle?

The bundle includes 500+ professionally recorded guided meditations across various styles and topics, designed to elevate your meditation practice or services.

Q: Is there a refund policy for this purchase?

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds for this purchase. Please review the details and benefits of the bundle carefully before making your decision.

Q: Can I share these recordings with others, such as my clients or students?

Yes, you can use these recordings in your professional practice to benefit your clients or students. However, please remember that reselling or distributing the recordings to others is prohibited.

Q: Are there any restrictions on how I can use these recordings?

While you have the freedom to use the recordings for various purposes, it's important to abide by the terms of use. You are not allowed to resell, distribute, or provide these recordings for free to third parties.

Q: Can I access the recordings immediately after purchase?

A: Yes, once your purchase is complete, you will receive immediate access to the Guided Meditation Recording Bundle so you can start benefiting from it right away.

Q: How can I purchase the Guided Meditation Recording Bundle?

A: To purchase the bundle at the exclusive discounted price, simply click the "Order Now" button on our website and follow the instructions.


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