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Are you a coach looking to revolutionize your practice and provide unparalleled value to your clients?

Look no further! Our comprehensive Planner & Journal Bundle is designed to elevate your coaching sessions, support your clients' holistic development, and streamline your coaching process.

With over 60 premium mindfulness and self-help planners and journal templates (over 1700 pages), you can transform the lives of your clients and take your coaching practice to new heights.

Those Done-For-You Planer & Journal Templates Will Help Your Clients:

  • Enhance Client Engagement: Keep clients motivated and engaged with tailored planners and journals. ​
  • Support Holistic Development: Address mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being with specialized templates. 
  • ​Streamline Coaching Sessions: Simplify session planning with ready-to-use templates, saving time and effort. ​
  • Foster Accountability and Progress: Enable clients to track goals, habits, and progress, fostering accountability. ​
  • Empower Clients with Self-Discovery: Guide clients on a journey of self-exploration with self-discovery and self-love journals.
  • ​ Improve Mental Health and Well-being: Offer targeted tools for managing stress, anxiety, depression, and trauma. ​
  • Enhance Spiritual Growth: Support spiritual awakening and faith-based practices with dedicated journals and planners. ​
  • Facilitate Goal Setting and Achievement: Assist clients in setting and achieving goals with goal planners and vision board templates. ​
  • Adaptable for Diverse Needs: Cater to a wide range of client needs with versatile and customizable templates. ​
  • Elevate Your Coaching Practice: Stand out as a coach with a comprehensive suite of tools demonstrating commitment to client success.​

Why Choose Our Planner & Journal Bundle?

Our comprehensive collection of professionally designed Canva templates for mindfulness workbooks will streamline your content creation process, allowing you to focus more on teaching and less on the tedious aspects of preparation.

Comprehensive Collection:
With over 1700 pages of templates covering a wide range of topics, you’ll have everything you need to support your clients in their growth journeys.

High-Quality Design:
Each template is professionally designed to ensure usability and aesthetic appeal, making them a joy to use.

Easy to Use:
Our templates are ready-to-use, saving you time and effort in creating your own resources.

Versatile and Customizable:
The templates can be easily adapted to suit your specific coaching style and the unique needs of your clients.

​Proven Results:
Our planners and journals have been used by countless coaches to achieve outstanding results with their clients.

Done-For-You Mindfulness & Self-Help Planer 

Unlock a collection of over 1700 pages of premium mindfulness & self-help planner and journal templates designed to revolutionize your coaching practice.

​Each template is crafted to address various aspects of personal growth, mental health, and spiritual well-being, providing your clients with the tools they need to thrive.

Why Do You Need Those Done-For-You Mindfulness Workbook Templates

Our Done-For-You Mindfulness Workbook Templates are essential for any meditation professional looking to enhance their practice and streamline their content creation. Here’s why you need these templates:

  • Mindfulness & Self-Help Planners: Enhance your clients' mindfulness and self-care routines.
  • Stress Processing & Crisis Plan Journal: Aid clients in managing stress and planning for crises.
  • ​Self-Discovery Journal: Guide your clients on a journey of self-exploration. 
  • Self Love Journal: Promote self-compassion and positive self-image.
  • Mental Health and Self-Care Planner: Support mental wellness and self-care practices. 
  • ​Yoga Logbook & Class Planner: Track and plan yoga sessions for a balanced lifestyle.
  • ​Spirituality & Awakening Journal: Foster spiritual growth and enlightenment.
  • Vision Board Planner & Daily Devotional Journal: Help clients visualize and manifest their goals.
  • Habit Trackers & Daily Affirmation: Encourage positive habits and affirmations.
  • PTSD & Trauma Processing Workbook: Provide support for trauma recovery.
  • ADHD School & Personal Planners: Assist clients with ADHD in organizing their lives.
  • Health & Wellness Planners: Promote overall health and well-being.
  • ​ Gratitude & Abundance Journals: Cultivate gratitude and an abundance mindset
  • Manifestation & Law of Attraction Planners: Help clients manifest their dreams.
  • Goal & Life Planners: Assist clients in setting and achieving their goals.
  • Digital Reading Journal & Brain Dump Bundle: Encourage reading and mental decluttering.
  • Self Love Workbook & Personal Growth Planner: Foster self-love and personal development.
  • Mood & Manifestation Trackers: Track mood changes and manifestations.
  • ​​ Self Confidence & Introvert Journals: Build self-confidence and cater to introverted clients
  • Prayer & Faith-Based Journals: Support spiritual practices and faith-based reflections.
  • Depression & Anxiety Journals: Offer tools for managing depression and anxiety.
  • Stress Processing & Crisis Plan Journal: Aid clients in managing stress and planning for crises.

Transform your coaching sessions with these versatile tools, tailored to support your clients' unique journeys towards growth and well-being. Access the entire bundle today and elevate your coaching practice to new heights!

Here Is The List For All Planers (Total 1700 Pages)

  • ​ADHD Planner
  • ​Yoga Planer
  • Health and Wellness Planner
  • Devotional Planner
  • Spiritual Awakening Workbook
  • Gratitude Journal
  • Gratitude Journal With Prompts
  • Daily Manifestation Guide
  • Dream Journal & Diary
  • Money Mindset Journal
  • Abundance Journal
  • Law of Attraction Planner
  • Prayer Journal
  • Vision Book Journal
  • Faith Based Journal
  • Abundance Mindset Journal
  • Manifestation Journal
  • Manifestation Dream Life Journal
  • Calming Your Mind Journal
  • ​Reading Tracker
  • Self-Discovery Journal
  • Self Love Journal
  • Mental Health and Self-Care Planner
  • Yoga Logbook
  • Yoga Class Planner
  • Crystal Journal
  • Spirituality And Awakening Journal
  • Vision Board Planner
  • Daily Devotional journal
  • Habit Trackers
  • Daily Affirmation
  • Stress Processing Journal
  • Self Control Activity Book
  • Safety Crisis Plan Journal
  • PTSD & Trauma Processing Workbook
  • Mental Health Planner
  • Self Care Planner
  • Depression Therapy Journal
  • Anxiety Journal
  • ​​ADHD School Planner
  • ​Prayer Journal Bundle
  • Self Care Planner
  • Self Care & Wellness Planner
  • Life Planner
  • Goal Planner Colorful
  • Digital Reading Journal
  • Brain Dump Bundle
  • Switch Off Journal
  • Self Love Workbook
  • Bundle of Trackers
  • Reading Planner
  • Find Your Passion Planner
  • Journaling Planner
  • Being an Introvert Journal
  • Mood Trackers
  • Personal Growth Planner
  • Self Confidence Planner
  • Self Love Planner
  • Manifestation Planner
  • ​Life Planner

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"As a yoga instructor, integrating these scripts into my classes has been a game-changer. They seamlessly align with my teachings and resonate with my students." 

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"It's a Game Changer"

"These scripts have completely transformed my meditation sessions. The depth and clarity they provide are unmatched. My clients love them!"

-Sarah M.

"Really Easy To Use"

"The versatility of these scripts is fantastic. Whether I'm leading a group meditation or recording content for my YouTube channel, they always deliver a profound experience."  

- David H

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